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Once you eat our specially blended ground beef, you won't want any other!

Our ground beef is our highest rated product!

Our Premium Ground Beef is a special blend of chuck, sirloin, round, brisket and other cuts that are often sold as individual cuts.  We sacrifice some of those cuts to give our ground beef the best flavor you'll find anywhere. This blend tastes just like our 85/15 MBB Traditional Ground Beef, but at 90/10, it has less fat and less waste.

MBB Premium Ground Beef has excellent flavor and is fatty enough to form hamburger patties but, because it's a leaner blend, you won't have those nasty flare-ups from your grill.  With only 10% fat, this blend is perfect for any recipe that benefits from a leaner grind..... or if you just generally prefer a leaner blend.

You won't find ground beef, anywhere, as good as ours! We guarantee your complete satisfaction!





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About My Brother's Beef

Every ounce of our beef is dry-aged for 21 days. We sell only 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef that's been bred, born and raised under our care on our meticulously-managed pastures. Our cattle are never confined and we never use hormones, GMO's, antibiotics, and we never feed grain. You can buy with complete confidence.!

Packaging: All beef is sealed in vacuum packaging which allows for a long freezer life. 

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:  Our customers love our beef and we know you will, too!  We back that statement up by offering a 100% money back guarantee if, for any reason, you are unhappy with your purchase.